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Slow Or Difficult Debtors? Let Us Collect Your Debts!

Service is our motto No Collection, No Fee! Call us now

At Swift Collections, we offer results-based debt collection services. Our clients range from small to large businesses in and around NSW including Newcastle, The Hunter Valley and Central Coast.

To begin, clients simply give us a list of the entities owing money together with copies of invoices, statements and letters of demand that may have been sent.

Once we have these, we send a letter of demand to the debtor. If the debtor does not respond, we send a second letter within 7 days and follow up with telephone calls to try to obtain payment. If no payment is received, we then advise our client that a Statement of Claim should be issued, and a Summons issued by the court is served on the debtor.

After a statutory period, if no payment has been made we obtain judgment from the court and then proceed to obtain payment by various means such as writ of execution of property, garnishee of bank account, garnishee of wages or other income.

In addition, if the debtor fails to appear in court, a warrant can be issued for their arrest and any judgments in court actions can be listed on their credit record by a mercantile reporting agency. We work in conjunction with our in-house legal team Plus Law Pty Ltd. Lawyers who look after the legal side of the debt collection.

Our Pricing Policies:

  • We charge commission by way of a percentage on the monies collected, if no collection no commission payable
  • All legal work connected with the collection is carried out by our associated law firm, Plus Law Pty Ltd
  • The client pays any court fees, filing or process serving fees as they occur, any professional costs connected with the legal work is added on to the debt and is recovered from the debtor in addition to the debt owing from our client.,
  • The commission charged is on the amount of the debt and can range from 25 percent on debts less than $1,000 to 15 percent on debts of more than $10,000.